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Simple, Affordable and Flexible. Goosefoot subscribers receive a textured and sensible meal plan each week that includes 4 to 5 healthy, often seasonal recipes and ready-to-go grocery lists. Most recipes offer variations for palate and preferences. Visit Why Goosefoot to read more about special diets.

More Eating In. A whole-system approach where beyond your weekly recipes and market lists is access to a supply of resources that support and thicken your kitchen practice, exploits, and curiosities.

This Is the Good Life. Gain confidence, ease, and rhythm in the kitchen, and get a handle on dinner with the age-old wisdom and practice of weekly meal planning.

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Includes 24+ Meal Plans
5 Recipes Weekly for 6 Months

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Includes 48+ Meal Plans
5 Recipes Weekly for 1 Year.

Visit the Why Goosefoot page to read about what makes us different.

Our 'Make, Eat, Share' Story

Building Blocks & Inspiration

Goosefoot exists to help simplify the puzzle of what to eat,  but also to empower and engage  

Journal. Here you’ll find a well-fed blog of weekly resources for cooks, eaters, and thinkers, Seasonal eating cues, lunch box ideas, local farm and maker features, meaty food topic essays, edible gardening advice, kitchen counsel, and on. Take me there...

Good Pantry. I’m unapologetically frugal and reckon a critical part of establishing a solid foundation and structure in the kitchen is to be well-armed in your cupboards and fridge. Take a look...

Building Blocks. Beyond your well-stocked pantry, and part of laying the groundwork for organized (and sometimes improvisational) cooking are a simple set of fundamentals. These gems you’ll carry with you for life! Let's Go...


Eating in Tune

Eating in conjunction with the seasons isn't what you think. This down-to-earth, age-old practice limits us in the best of ways. Read more... 

"Mealtime is a time for empathy and generosity, a time to nourish and communicate."

--Alice Waters

Cereal for Supper...

Even we sometimes find a bowl of cereal for supper is the only answer.  But what if it was a homemade one? Check out our Granola Anytime recipe...