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My hope is you’ll get in there, and cook. Even a little bit, each week. Goosefoot is thoughtful meal planning, with plenty of light-hearted support and inspiration alongside. You got this, and I’m right here with you. Let’s eat!

- Kristin

I’ve probably made 80% of the recipes and most all were keepers for our family. I feel like I finally figured it out and I feel less lonely in the kitchen.
— Jen P (Goosefoot subscriber)

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Goosefoot is my story. But it is also yours. 

As a personal chef, cooking instructor, and real food advocate for over a decade I have absorbed a gamut of food stories, at kitchen tables and on playgrounds, in classrooms and in markets. What I've gleaned is a profound and common craving to eat well, in a simple and self-sufficient, more meaningful way. 


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